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Annex Docs

Create Delegate Signature

Create a delegate signature for Annex Governance using EIP-712. The signature can be created without burning gas. Anyone can post it to the blockchain using the delegateBySig method, which does have gas costs.
  • delegatee (string) The address to delegate the user's voting rights to.
  • [expiry] (number) The time at which to expire the signature. A block timestamp as seconds since the unix epoch. Defaults to 10e9.
  • RETURN (object) Returns an object that contains the v, r, and s components of an Ethereum signature as hexadecimal strings.
const annex = new Annex(window.ethereum);
(async () => {
const delegateSignature = await annex.createDelegateSignature('0xa0df350d2637096571F7A701CBc1C5fdE30dF76A');
console.log('delegateSignature', delegateSignature);