Annex Constructor

Creates an instance of the Annex.js SDK.

  • [provider] (Provider | string) Optional Ethereum network provider. Defaults to Ethers.js fallback mainnet provider.

  • [options] (object) Optional provider options.

  • RETURN (object) Returns an instance of the Annex.js SDK.

var annex = new Annex(window.ethereum); // web browser

var annex = new Annex(''); // HTTP provider

var annex = new Annex(); // Uses Ethers.js fallback mainnet (for testing only)

var annex = new Annex('ropsten'); // Uses Ethers.js fallback (for testing only)

// Init with private key (server side)
var annex = new Annex('', {
  privateKey: '0x_your_private_key_', // preferably with environment variable

// Init with HD mnemonic (server side)
var annex = new Annex('mainnet' {
  mnemonic: 'clutch captain shoe...', // preferably with environment variable

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