Claim ANN

Every Annex user accrues ANN for each block they are supplying to or borrowing from the protocol. Users may call the Comptroller's claimAnnex method at any time to transfer ANN accrued to their address.


// Claim all the ANN accrued by holder in all markets
function claimAnnex(address holder) public

// Claim all the ANN accrued by holder in specific markets
function claimAnnex(address holder, SToken[] memory aTokens) public

// Claim all the ANN accrued by specific holders in specific markets for their supplies and/or borrows
function claimAnnex(address[] memory holders, SToken[] memory aTokens, bool borrowers, bool suppliers) public


Comptroller troll = Comptroller(0xABCD...);

Web3 1.2.6

const comptroller = new web3.eth.Contract(comptrollerAbi, comptrollerAddress);
await comptroller.methods.claimAnnex("0x1234...").send({ from: sender });

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